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Outdoor lighting not only acts as a security feature for houses but also helps in adding to the decorative aspect by accentuating the garden and the house architecture. There are a wide variety of different outdoor lighting fixtures which are available. A combination of these light sources should be used in order to satisfy all your outdoor lighting requirements. Certain types of outdoor lighting will be more suitable for certain areas of the property than others. Therefore when you are deciding your outdoor lighting, it is important to keep in mind the type of lighting fixture as well as the particular area of the house which you’re looking to light up. For such services, get in touch with our trusted and experienced outdoor lighting electrician on 8583 2337.

Types of lighting

There are two main types of lighting. The first type, accent lighting can be used to highlight particular parts of your outdoor area. These include objects such as the trees in your garden or outdoor sculptures. Accent lighting has the dual advantage of not only accentuating the good parts of your outdoor space but can also take the attention away from the not so eye-pleasing parts of the house such as the ragged clothesline or the messy garage.

The second type of lighting is task lighting. This can be used to highlight areas of your outdoor space which are used for certain activities. For example, focusing the light on areas such as the stairs to enable the house occupants and visitors to move around safely in the dark. This type of lighting can also be used for increasing the security of the outdoors area of the property.

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Types of outdoor lighting fixtures

Outdoor lighting types can be broadly divided into two categories, Halogen and LED. Halogen lights are the traditional outdoor lights which give off a yellow glow and can become hot to touch. On the other hand, LEDS consume much lesser energy than halogen lights and also produce a much purer white light. Nowadays, LEDs are also a cheaper option when compared to halogen lights meaning that you save up front on your outdoor lighting.

For those properties which have outside decks, it is a good idea to install deck lights. These are either built in to the steps or the wall beside the steps so as to provide sufficient light for people to move about on the deck at night. Porch lights are perhaps the most common outdoor lighting type. They are installed outside the house near the front door or in the porch. The porch light should be installed such that it can be operated from both the inside and outside of the house. It serves the dual purpose of providing light for people walking up to the house as well as enabling those inside the house to check who’s at the door.

Outdoor lighting

Path lights are another type of outdoor lighting fixture which are used for increased safety and security. This is achieved by lighting up the paths in the outdoor space of your house or garden at intervals. Another outdoor lighting fixture is the spotlight. It is focused on a particular installation such as a sculpture or water feature.

Flood lights are an option which are often used to further increase the security around the house. These lights are attached at higher levels generally to the roof of the house and are made up of bulbs which very bright light so as to illuminate a large area. In some cases, flood lights are attached to motion sensors to prevent unwanted intruders entering the house at night.

Garden lighting guide

There are several different functions for your garden lighting. It could be used for the highlighting of features in the garden such as water features, trees, shrubs, etc. It may also be necessary to make use of path lighting and step lighting in your garden for safety reasons and also to ensure ease of access in the dark. For those households which regularly use their barbeques at night, installation of suitable lighting would make the cooking much easier. In properties which have swimming pools as a part of their garden, adequate lighting in and around the pool needs to be installed and checked regularly.

In the case of trees in the garden, the most common technique used to accentuate them are uplights. These are lighting units which are installed on the ground around the tree which are then used to illuminate the tree. When it comes to the water features and statues in the garden, accent lighting is generally used. These lights makes the feature stand out against a dark background.

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