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In simple terms, exhaust fans are made up of a motor which is connected to electricity. The motor is used to power a fan which draws out the moist air from the room into ducts which then expels this air to the outside through a vent or hood. Exhaust fans are generally rated in CFM (cubic feet per minute) which illustrates the amount of air that can be drawn from the room over a given period of time. The higher is the CFM rating, the more air that can be drawn from the room by the exhaust fan. This means that you would require an exhaust fan with a higher CFM for a larger room. Contact your trusted exhaust fan electrician on 8583 2337.

Benefits of exhaust fans

The primary advantage of an exhaust fan is the elimination of moisture from the particular room. This would otherwise lead to the accumulation of mold and bacteria. Another use of the exhaust fan is to eliminate unpleasant odours in a room. Exhaust fans also help in the reduction of room humidity which would otherwise cause severe problems for the walls of the room. This could include causing the wallpaper or the paint to peel off. Particularly in the case of bathrooms which are cleaned with various hazardous chemicals, the exhaust fan helps to ensure that people do not inhale the fumes from these chemicals.

The above reasons all demonstrate the importance of installing an exhaust fan particularly in your bathroom. However, the installation should be performed by a licensed electrician. Otherwise you could face problems such as loud and annoying sounds from the exhaust fan as a result of improper installation. For all your exhaust fan installations, call Electricians Sydney. We are the most trusted exhaust fan electrician in Sydney. Click here to book an online job.

How to test if your exhaust fan is working or not?

A simple test can be performed to check whether you exhaust fan is working or not. This involves squeezing some powder towards the intake grill of an exhaust fan which is in motion. If the powder gets drawn into the grill that means that the exhaust fan is working properly. Suppose the powder gets drawn into the centre of the grill and then blows back into the room, this means that the exhaust fan is blocked. If the powder does not get drawn into the grill and merely hangs in the air, then this means that the exhaust fan is not working at all.

Other signs which might indicate that your exhaust fan needs replacement are odd sounds while turning it on or off. Another indication that the exhaust fan is about to fail could be if it powers up slowly or sluggishly.

Bathroom exhaust fan benefits

Bathroom exhaust fans play a critical role in ensuring superior air quality of the bathroom and in turn, the rest of the house. Bathrooms are probably the rooms which require the installation of an exhaust fan the most. This is on account of showers and running water leading to a rise in the humidity levels. Bathroom exhaust fans thus prevent these unfavourable room conditions. This would otherwise provide a breeding ground for all sorts of mold and bacteria. This is accomplished by removing the foul air from inside the bathroom and expelling it to the outside.

There are various options available when it comes to bathroom exhaust fans. The most commonly used bathroom exhaust fans are ceiling mounted exhaust fans. These are installed in the ceiling of the bathroom. Being the most popular option, ceiling mounted bathroom exhaust fans often come with attached features such as lights and decorative finishes. Another type of bathroom exhaust fan is the inline option. The inline exhaust fan is installed in the attic space directly above the bathroom such that only the vent is visible. One of the major advantages is that the exhaust fan sound is reduced by a significant amount since it is fitted in the attic.

Installation of bathroom exhaust fans

In bathrooms which do not have an attic space or the ceiling area has been fitted with a skylight or overhead lighting, a wall mounted bathroom exhaust fan may be used. As the name suggests, these exhaust fans are attached to the interior or exterior wall. Therefore they eliminate the need for ductwork especially if attached to an exterior wall. Nowadays, bathroom exhaust fans are available with a variety of additional features such as lighting, humidity sensing and heating elements. These exhaust fans may be available in any of the above mentioned types (ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted or inline).

Kitchen exhaust fan electrician

The reasons for installing a kitchen exhaust fan are numerous. They help in the removal of smoke, steam and various smells present in the kitchen. They operate by drawing out the air from the kitchen and expelling it out into the open through the vents. This ensures that the kitchen is kept free from the residues of smoke and steam which could otherwise have damaging effects on the house. These residues would otherwise cause serious damage as they stick to the furniture, carpets and walls of the house. Kitchen exhaust fans are particularly useful in the summer time when the kitchen can get very warm and stuffy. The use of the exhaust fan however provides ventilation by removing the smoke from the kitchen. Kitchen exhaust fans could also help in the prevention of kitchen fires.

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