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ceiling fan electricianCeiling Fan Electrician in Sydney

Ceiling fans are available in a variety of different colours, styles, sizes and finishes. Besides the obvious function of lowering the room temperature, ceiling fans can also be considered as a style accessory or standout feature of the room. No matter which part of the house, let it be the dining room, kitchen, bedroom or porch, the ceiling fan can provide a comfortable environment. Ceiling fans can also be paired with lights. This increases both the functional and aesthetic aspects. In recent times, it has almost become the norm to have the ceiling fan installed with a light kit. This offers an economical solution for both your lighting and fan needs. Our ceiling fan electrician will provide you with the best solution depending on your needs.

While purchasing a ceiling fan, it is important to determine whether it is to be used indoors or outdoors. This is because there are certain ceiling fans which are specially designed for outdoor use. These withstand wet weather conditions and general outdoor conditions which indoor ceiling fans would not be able to do. Another factor which needs to be considered when purchasing a ceiling fan is the size of the room in which is to be installed. The larger the room, the larger diameter fan is required. In some cases, it might even be necessary to install two fans in larger rooms. One ceiling fan might not be sufficient to reach the entire room in this case.

Cool down with ceiling fans

Ceiling fans can be used to complement air conditioners resulting in their more efficient usage. This could lead to significant reductions in the electricity bills. Since ceiling fans are installed at a high installation they are much safer in comparison to stationary or desk fans. This is especially beneficial in those households which have children and pets. In comparison to air conditioners, ceiling fans are also much easier to clean. Ceiling fans can simply be cleaned with soapy water while air conditioner cleaning requires contacting the air conditioner installer.

At Electricians Sydney, our team of electricians can assist you with all your ceiling fan needs. Right from the selection of the right fan for the different rooms in your house to the installation and maintenance. If you need help with your ceiling fan problems, call our ceiling fan electrician on (02) 8583 2337 or click here to book a job online.

Ceiling fans to heat your home!

While the benefits of ceiling fans in the summer are well known, not many people know that ceiling fans can also be useful in the winter months as well. The standard setting for a ceiling fan is to rotate counter clockwise. This setting is ideal for the summer months when you need to cool down the room. However, nowadays, most modern quality ceiling fans are provided with a “winter mode” switch. This switch reverses the direction of rotation of the ceiling fan. The result of this reverse in the rotation of the fan is that it now pulls the air up towards the ceiling creating a warming effect.

The key to ensuring this warming effect by ceiling fans in the winter is to run the fan at a lower speed. It has been estimated that using ceiling fans in winter can save you up to 15-20% on your heating bills. This is because you are able to reduce the temperature of the thermostat and the usage of other heating devices in the house.

Energy saving with ceiling fans

Ceiling fans can help lower both air-conditioning and heating costs by up to 30-40% if used correctly. The amount of power consumed by ceiling fans is insignificant in comparison to electric heaters and air-conditioning units. This means that even if the use of the fan (in addition to the air-conditioner or heater) allows for just minor changes in the thermostat, it would still result in significant savings on the electricity bill. The amount of money which can be saved as a result of using a ceiling fan varies. It depends on the home size, the climate, the types of devices used and the electricity costs in the area.

Another way to ensure you get the most out of your ceiling fan is to check for the fan’s energy rating. Another obvious way is to remember to turn off the ceiling fan when you leave the room. This is the disadvantage of the ceiling fan when compared to the air-conditioning unit. Ceiling fans do not have a programmable thermostat which can be set to turn off depending on whether you are in or out of the house.

Call the Ceiling Fan Electrician

Our team at Electricians Sydney have been assisting the residents of Sydney with their ceiling fan issues for over 30 years now. So, if you need any help when it comes to the selection, installation, repair and maintenance of your ceiling fans. Call the ceiling fan electrician at Electricians Sydney on (02) 8583 2337 or click here to book a job online.