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It’s a little known fact. But it’s actually possible for you to lose the warranty on your lighting and fans fittings, which you purchased either online or at the retail store. This could happen if these fittings are installed by an unqualified electrician.

Avoid such hassles by making use of the services of Electricians Sydney. With over 30 years of experience in handling electrical issues, our team follows all the necessary procedures. They ensure that your light fittings are installed as per the Australian electrical standards. On completion of the job, our fully certified electrician will provide you with a certificate of compliance. This can be used in the future in case of any warranty claims.

So in case you need to get any lighting installations done, get in touch with us at 8583 2337 or book a job online here. For a more detailed insight into our lighting and fans services, see below.

Brighten Up Your Home

Bored of the same old lighting at home? If you feel that you need help in determining what kind of lighting would best suit your home, we can assist you! You might have purchased a set of new light fittings and don’t want to take the risk of setting them up yourself. In such a case, don’t hesitate to call our electricians to handle your light installations.

Whether it be simple indoor lights such as LED downlights or more complex arrangements such as setting up the outdoor lighting for your garden, Electricians Sydney are the electrical experts who you should get in touch with!

Lighting and Fans Services

Just to provide you with a small peek into some of the services we provide, check out the list below. Of course, our electricians are also able to handle a wide range of other lighting and fan services.

  • Indoor lighting installation such as down lights, designer lighting, LED lighting
  • Outdoor lighting installation such as sensor lighting, flood lights, landscape garden lighting
  • Work on any incandescent, CFL or LED lighting fixtures
  • All lighting repairs and maintenance
  • Ceiling fan installation
  • Exhaust fan installation
  • Heat, light, exhaust installation
  • Fault detection
  • Switches and switch plates
  • Dimmer and sensor lighting
  • Energy conservation audits
  • Renovations and extensions

At Electricians Sydney, we pride ourselves on providing you with lifetime workmanship warranty on all the electrical work that is carried out. On arrival, our electrician will give you an on the spot quote. This is guaranteed to remain the same however long the job takes. This means that you have peace of mind about the final cost.

Our team of electricians will offer you tailored professional advice according to your particular needs. So whether you want to install some fancy new lighting as part of a home improvement project or are  interested in cutting down on power bills, Electricians Sydney is your go-to lighting and fans electrician!

Protect The Environment With These Lights

We strongly advocate the use of LED lights which are a much more environment friendly option than the fluorescent and halogen lights in most households. In addition to saving energy, LED lights also help to reduce your power bills. This is because they tend to consume lower levels of energy. What’s more, it has also been found that LED downlights actually give off more light than the halogen or fluorescent lights. Our team also has expertise in the installation of car park lights. So if you’re looking at making any changes or upgrades to the lighting in your car park, our team are the right people to get in touch with!

Besides LED lighting, the use of dimmer switches also ensures that you use only as much light as you need. With electrical prices constantly on the rise, it makes sense to take advantage of these energy saving lights and reduce your soaring energy bills!

The Experts In Outdoor Lighting

When it comes to outdoor lighting, downlights and sensor lights have emerged as popular options. These are useful in terms of both the safety and convenience of your home. We are the most recommended Sydney electrician when it comes to outdoor lighting with numerous satisfied customers to vouch for this! Sensor lights operate in such a way that they are able to sense motion. This means that if no motion is detected in the vicinity, the lights will automatically turn off and thus save on energy. These sensor lights also provide the added bonus of increasing the security of your home. The team at Electricians Sydney are the experts in the fitting of these lights.

Commercial lighting

It is critical that the lighting is right in offices and workplaces. This is because bad lighting could affect employee performance, health and safety. The team at Electricians Sydney are the most recommended in ensuring that you get the optimal lighting solutions for your office spaces. They also help you in reducing operating costs in the long run through smart investments in your lighting management system. Should you require the installation of emergency and exit lighting in your commercial space, our team have the necessary expertise to assist you.

When it comes to factory/ industrial lighting, our electricians are highly experienced in the installation and maintenance of this type of lighting. Depending on factory size, our electricians will provide you with the best possible lighting solution. This would meet all your factory requirements and at the same time help you to save on your energy bills.

For service and advice on lighting and fans and any other electrical services you require, please do not hesitate to contact us on 8583 2337. We are waiting for your call and are ready to help you. Electricians Sydney offers a free electrical safety check with any electrical service. Don’t forget the $50 Online Discount.