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wiring electricianWiring Electrician Services

Our team at Electricians Sydney are highly trained in the installation of new wiring in residential and commercial buildings. With a detailed knowledge of all the latest wiring safety codes and standards, our electricians are the most trusted electrician in Sydney for over 30 years now. Depending on your requirements, our wiring electrician will install the right type of  wiring for you. This would be the one which best suits your power usage amount. This would take into account the number of members of the household and the location in which the wiring is to be installed.

Power Points

Power points are installed in locations where power is required. Normally these are places where your appliances are to be connected such as your television, dish washer, washing machine, microwave, etc. It is recommended that the installation of all your power points is performed by a fully qualified and licensed electrician. Therefore, the next time you need a new power point installed, get in touch with Electricians Sydney. We will send our certified electrician to assist you.

Switchboard upgrades to protect your family

Switchboards are an absolute necessity in your home electrical system. Most modern switchboards today come with an already integrated safety switch. This cuts out the power supply in case of any problem.

In earlier times, households did not have that many different electrical appliances. But today, all households have a wide range of appliances including a computer, television, washing machine, microwave and the list goes on. Therefore it becomes essential to ensure that your switchboard is regularly inspected for defects and replaced if required.

The top signs that might indicate that your switchboard needs replacement include dim or flickering lights, regularly blown fuses and continuous tripping of circuit breakers.  Switchboards come in a variety of designs including surface mounted ones or others which have a door which could be either opaque or transparent. The cost of a switchboard might seem a bit on the higher side. However, it must be considered as an investment for protecting your family from the possibility of electric shocks and fires.

Checking your fuse box

The fuse box is generally located in the garage, basement or a closet. Our electricians will closely examine the window on each fuse to check whether it is clear or if it has turned cloudy meaning. This means that it is “blown” and would need to be replaced. Checking and replacing the fuses in your fuse box can be dangerous without proper training. Therefore, it is recommended that you use the services of a fully certified wiring electrician like Electricians Sydney!

Replacing faulty wiring

One of the most common signs that your electrical wiring is getting old and needs to be replaced is if your breakers and fuses are going out regularly. The electrician will determine whether this is caused due to the fact that too many appliances are connected to a single circuit or because the total amps plugged in are more than what the circuit breaker or fuse is capable of handling.

Another sign that you might need to replace the wiring is if you constantly have dimming or flickering lights. This could mean that the circuit is unable to take such a high load. A buzzing or charred electrical outlet could also indicate that it is time to replace your wiring or also if you notice a burning smell in your house.

For all your electrical wiring checks and replacements, get in touch with our wiring electrician at Electricians Sydney on 8583 2337. We will come and sort out your wiring issues in line with the highest electrical standards.

Smoke Alarms or Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors offer protection against smoke and fires in your home. The inhalation of smoke and house fires can cause serious injuries and even death in some cases. The installation of smoke detectors around the house could be the difference between life and death in such situations. The team at Electricians Sydney are experts when it comes to the installation of hardwired smoke detectors. These smoke detectors are wired in such a way that if one of the detectors in your house warns of smoke or fire, the others will also go off.

Hot Water Heaters

The hot water heater element is wired to the thermostat which controls the temperature of the water. A hot water heater consists of three main components: the thermostat, element and high-temperature limit switch. Depending on the capacity of the heater, more than one element and/or thermostat may be used. Compared to other appliances, the hot water heater generally requires a higher amount of power.

For all your wiring and rewiring needs, contact Electricians Sydney on 8583 2337. Avail the services of the most recommended wiring electrician in Sydney. We do all kinds of wiring including appliance wiring, electrical wiring connection and electrical service wiring.