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Smoke alarms are devices which could save lives in the unfortunate instance of a fire. They are able to detect the occurrence of smoke much quicker than any occupant on the property. Smoke alarms could mean the difference between life and death. Use our smoke alarm electrician services to ensure that you keep you and your family safe!

It is an essential requirement that you have a smoke alarm installed in your house. These electronic devices are considered to be one of the most important elements in ensuring the safety of both people and property. It is critical that you get the installation done to keep your home and family safe in the instance of a fire.

Smoke Alarms and Smoke Detectors

There are essentially two main types of smoke alarms- ionisation smoke alarms and photoelectric smoke alarms. The main advantage of ionisation smoke alarms is that they are able to quickly “smell” the smoke which is coming from the fire. This makes ionisation smoke alarms the better option when it comes to dealing with fast flaming fires. It also means that they are not so useful in detecting slower burning fires.

On the other hand, photoelectric smoke alarms are able to “see” the smoke before it turns into flames. Therefore, these smoke alarms are more suited for determining slow burning fires (smouldering fires) when compared to ionisations smoke alarms. Both types of smoke alarms have their own advantages. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a combination of the two installed in your house.

The Australian Government recommends the installation of photoelectric smoke detectors. These smoke detectors have proved to provide faster warning than ionisation smoke alarms in most circumstances. This is true especially in the case of smouldering fires which are the fires that most commonly occur in houses. It is important to keep in mind that the photoelectric smoke alarm which you install should be hard wired and interconnected.

In case you have existing ionisation smoke alarms, it is recommended that they be supplemented with interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms. Once the ionisation smoke alarms reach the end of their life span, it’s a good idea to replace them with the more effective photoelectric smoke alarms. These protect you against a wider range of fires.   The installed smoke alarm must comply with Australian Standard 3786 (AS3786) which should be clearly marked on the device.

If you are not too sure about the procedure for installing a smoke alarm, our smoke alarm electrician is here to help!

Installation of Smoke Alarms

Keeping in mind the safety and wellbeing of the community, we would like to share with you the following steps which should be kept in mind during the installation of smoke alarms:

  1. Which one to buy: It is important that the smoke alarm which you purchased has undergone the necessary testing by a recognised laboratory. Smoke alarms are available at most hardware stores, home equipment stores and even in many department stores.
  2. Where to install: It is advisable to install the smoke alarm in each bedroom. One on each level of your home including one in the basement. On levels which do not have a bedroom, it is recommended to install a smoke alarm in the living room/family room. Alternatively this could be near the stairway which is going up to the next level. Remember it is better to install more smoke alarms as it would then improve the chances of a fire being detected.
  3. Things to keep in mind: The smoke alarm should be installed at least 10 feet (3 metres) away from any cooking appliance. This would avoid setting off false alarms while cooking. Since smoke rises, it is essential that you install the smoke alarm either on the ceiling or high up on the walls. Also remember that smoke alarms should not be installed near doors, windows or ducts. If they are,they might be affected by drafts blowing in. Lastly, ensure that the smoke alarm is not painted over and that there are no stickers on it.

Maintaining your smoke alarm

Fire and Rescue NSW provides the following maintenance tips:

  • The smoke alarm should be tested at least once a month. This checks that the battery and alarm are working correctly.
  • The smoke alarm should be cleaned every 6 months using a vacuum cleaner. This removes any dust particles that might have accumulated over time.
  • If your smoke alarm uses an alkaline battery, it should be replaced once a year. In case it has a lithium battery, it would be inbuilt and hence cannot be replaced. In this case the entire unit should be replaced every ten years.
  • It is essential that all types of smoke alarms should be removed and replaced every ten years. This is because the sensitivity of a smoke alarm gradually decreases over time and has a maximum lifetime of ten years. As per the Australian Standard AS3786, all smoke alarms must include a serial number. In order to better understand how to read this serial number, consider the example of say serial number 4407. This serial number would mean that the smoke alarm was manufactured in the 44th week of the year 2007.

So if you are in need of a certified smoke alarm electrician to install you newly purchased smoke alarm or any other work related to smoke alarms. Then get in touch with the most trusted smoke alarm electrician in Sydney at 8583 2337.