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power points electricianPower Points Electrician in Sydney

At Electricians Sydney, we understand the need for convenience. With this in mind, we have assisted numerous residents in Sydney in ensuring that their electrical power points are conveniently located in accordance with their lifestyle requirements. We have helped to solve the problems of several customers. Before we arrived, they had been frustrated by the number and locations of the power points in their homes. They now no longer have to deal with the hassles of extension cords and shabby cables. This is because of the services of our power points electrician!

Besides improving the style of the room, additional power points are also an added benefit from an electrical safety point of view. Extra power points eliminate the need for power leads. These are often exposed and can have dangerous consequences such as electric shock. Another advantage of installing additional power points is that it helps to spread out the electrical stress of the circuit between more power points. This means than you are not concentrating the electrical load on a smaller number of power points. This reduces the chances of blown fuses and fire hazards.

Power Point Installation

If you feel that you have the right amount of power points installed in your house, we can still assist you. We have a wide range of power point repairs and maintenance services. It is advisable to get your power points regularly checked by a qualified power points electrician to ensure that they are safe for continued usage.

Electricians Sydney offers a wide range of installation services when it comes to power points depending on your requirements. For those houses with an outdoor backyard, our electricians can install power outlets which are capable of withstanding outdoor weather conditions. These weatherproof power outlets mean that you can connect all the equipment which you would need for your next BBQ! When it comes to your indoor power requirements, we have you covered here as well! Our team has installed powertainment units, which consist of up to 8 power points. These are normally provided with separate ports for TV, phone and internet in hundreds of homes across Sydney. These help our customers to make the best use of all their audio and visual devices.

Causes for faulty power points

There are several reasons that could cause your power points to become faulty. In some cases, you would be able to rectify the faulty power point without the services of an electrician. However, it is important to ensure that you turn off the power to the particular circuit on which you are planning to work on. Some of these situations are discussed here.

It could be that the circuit breaker has tripped. There are occasions when circuit breakers seem as though they are in the “on” position but they have actually been tripped. Once you have located the correct circuit breaker for the particular power point, try turning it off and on again to see if that solves the problem. If you are unsure as to which circuit breaker is the correct one for that power point, then it is advisable to simply turn off all circuit breakers and then turn them on again and check whether the issue is solved.

Power Point Failures

Your power point could have become damaged due to a ground fault. One of the most common reasons for the occurrence of a ground fault is water. For example, if someone sprinkles water onto an electrical component by accident or in case of rain. Such an instance could result in a ground fault which could take several days to dry out.

Another common reason for faulty power points is simply the deterioration due to usage over time.  Each time that you plug in and unplug appliances from the socket, the power point deteriorates. Over time, this degradation continues and results in the power point eventually becoming damaged after years of usage. Therefore it is recommended to replace power points every few years, before they reach this defective state.

In some cases, power points will not work due to loose or badly connected wires. This is even more likely in the case of power points which have not been mounted correctly. When your power point works only sporadically and at other times it gives trouble, this could indicate that the wires are loose and need to be tightened. As a result of this kind of wiring, your power points could become overheated. This could even result in sparks in some cases.

Call Your Power Points Electrician

If you’re not able to sort out your power point issues, it is recommended that you avail the services of a licensed power points electrician. We at Electricians Sydney have years of experience in the area of power point installations, repairs and maintenance. So the next time your power point is emitting sparks or overheating, don’t hesitate. Give us a call on (02) 8583 2337 and we will provide you with the most trusted electrician in Sydney.