Electrical Safety Check

electrical safety checkKitchen Electrical Safety Check

In your kitchen, our team of electricians will perform safety checks on all your kitchen appliances. The stove is probably the most important part of your kitchen and is used every day to prepare meals for you and your family. It is important to ensure that your stove top has been installed with proper wiring and has the necessary safety certificate. In the case of old or damaged wiring, our electrician will be able to help you out with rewiring so that your stove top is as good as new! As part of the inspection, our electricians can also get your oven checked and perform an electrical safety check. Your kitchen safety can be further enhanced, especially if you have children in the household by installing additional safety equipment such as stove knob stops and stove safety guards.

Electricians Sydney are the experts when it comes to ensuring that your kitchen is in safe hands. Our electricians are fully trained and licensed in the installation, maintenance and wiring of all kinds of kitchen appliances. While inspecting your kitchen, our Sydney electricians will also inspect the power outlets and light switches and check that they are in proper working condition. The electrician will provide professional advice on aspects of your kitchen safety which can possibly be improved.

Safety Check for your Laundry Room

Similarly in your laundry room, our electricians will also perform electrical safety checks. This will ensure that all power outlets and light switches are in proper working order. While the laundry room may not seem like a place where electrical problems generally occur, there is a possibility of fires taking place due to malfunctioning washers and dryers. Our electricians will provide you with expert safety advice to assist you in using these appliances safely and economically. The electrical safety check which they conduct will give you peace of mind for the future.

An electrical safety check for your bathroom

When it comes to your bathroom, again our electrician will check to see that your power points, lights and light switches are working according to the required standards. Depending on the size and type of your bathroom, our electrician will check to see if you have a suitable exhaust fan installed. If you don’t already have one, it is essential that you get one fitted at the earliest. Exhaust fans are highly useful in the bathroom when hot water is run.

Our electricians are fully trained in the installation of exhaust fans. They will be able to assist you in the selection of the right type of exhaust fan for your bathroom. In the case of heat lamps, our electrician will come out and inspect it to check that there aren’t any frayed wires. Checks will also be conducted to see that the heat lamp has additional safety features such as a cage around it to protect the bulb from coming in contact with any flammable material.

General Electrical Safety Check

Our team of electricians at Electricians Sydney will also do a full inspection of the other rooms in the house. They will check that all other lights and power outlets meet the necessary safety requirements. Our electricians are also experts when it comes to safety checks of all external lighting installations. These also include all your outdoor garden lights. For all your pool system electrical related issues, get in touch with our qualified team of electricians. They will provide you with money saving solutions to your high electricity bills. We also provide services for the installation, maintenance and repair of your pool lights.

Safety Device Installations

Electricians Sydney provides services for the installation of earth stakes which are an integral part of your household safety electrical system. House fires can be started due to a variety of reasons. We at Electricians Sydney care about the health and safety of you and your family. We strongly believe that preparedness is the key to surviving a house fire and therefore it is important that you have an escape plan in case of such an unfortunate occurrence. Also, it is an absolute necessity to have smoke alarms installed around the house.

For installation of smoke alarms, you can get in touch with Electricians Sydney. We will send out a licensed and qualified electricians to come and do the job. If you already have smoke alarms installed, ensure that they are in working condition by regularly testing them. This can be done by using the test button and replacing them before they reach the end of their life span.

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In case you are facing any power supply issues in your house, contact our local electrician at Electricians Sydney. Our electrician will come out and investigate the problem. The electrician will also check to see that your power boards are meeting the required safety standards. If you have an old meter board in your house, it is recommended to get it inspected. This is because it could have safety issues and result in damage to your electrical installations. Our electricians will determine whether your meter board is safe for continued usage or a replacement is required.

Surge diverters are useful devices which are used to protect your electrical appliances against over-voltage. Residual current devices (RCDs) are used to instantaneously cut off current. This prevents danger which could result from an electric shock. Our electricians are fully trained in the installation of these safety devices which are sure to increase the safety of your household.


For a full electrical safety inspection, get in touch with the most recommended electrician Sydney has to offer. Call Electricians Sydney on 1300 679 274 to book an inspection!