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When it comes to the installation and repair of data and phone lines, it is recommended that the job is performed by a licensed and qualified electrician. If you’re in Sydney and require such a service, Electricians Sydney is just who you are looking for! Call us now at 8583 2337 to avail the services of the most trusted cabling electrician Sydney has to offer.

Our electricians can also install the cabling for your telephone system throughout your home or office.
Some of our services include:

  • Installation and Repair of Power Outlets
  • Installation and Repair of Data Cables
  • Installation and Repair of Network Cabling
  • Installation and Repair of Telephone Sockets

Power Outlets

Sparks emitting from your power outlet can be a dangerous sign. The reason for such an occurrence could be due to one of multiple causes. One of the more serious causes could be a short circuit. This could be a result of too much heat building up in the power outlet. Such a situation should be immediately checked by a licensed electrician. This is because it could lead to the possibility of an electrical fire. Another reason for sparks coming out of your power outlet could be due to the accumulation of water on it over time which could again result in short circuit. General wear and tear of power outlets over time could also result in short circuits and lead to sparks. Hence, it’s a good idea to get your power outlets regularly checked by a licensed electrician. This will prevent the possibility of short circuits and electrical fires.

Data Cabling Electrician

Data cables are used for the transfer of electronic data from a source to a destination. Data cables are of two materials, copper or fibre optics. Nowadays, fibre optic cables are becoming extremely popular in providing high speed connections to the Internet. These cables are lightweight and do not suffer from signal degradation problems experienced by older cables such as coaxial copper cables and twisted pair copper cables.

Coaxial copper cables are still the most economical data cables and are used for televisions and also as Ethernet cables in homes and offices. For computer and phone cabling, twisted pair copper cables are the norm. In commercial spaces, data cabling is highly useful in transferring data from say multiple branches of a particular company back to the head office and vice-versa. Qualified and certified data cable technicians should be contacted to ensure that the cabling is done properly and according to the required standards.

Network Cabling Electrician

Network cables are used for the connection of one network device to another or to connect a group of computers. This means that they can share a common printer, scanner or similar device. Like in data cabling, network cabling also makes use of three main types of cables- twisted pair cables, coaxial cables and fibre optic cables. Coaxial cables were the earliest types which were originally used to connect TVs to home antennae. They then went on to become the standard for 10Mbps Ethernet cables. Coaxial cables were later replaced by twisted pair cables. These became the cabling standard for 10 Mbps and successively for 100Mbps going up to 10 Gbps. The most recent type of networking cable is the fibre optic cable. This is made up of glass and transmits electrical signals using light pulses.

To enjoy all the advantages of an efficient cable network installation, all you have to do is get in touch with our trusted electricians at Electricians Sydney. They are the experts in the installation of professional TV, phone and computer networks. Our electricians follow the best practices in line with the industry standard regulations to ensure that your installed networks operate at the highest possible speed and reliability.

Telephone Sockets

The telephone plug or socket is used for connecting your phone to the telephone wiring inside your house so as to create a connection to the phone network. The installation of the standard telephone set consists of four parts: the telephone line to phone cord, phone cord to the telephone base, telephone base to the handset cord and the handset cord to the handset.

Depending on your need, our electrician will install the right type of phone jack for you. This could be a wall mount jack, a baseboard jack or a basic flush plate. If you’re using the jack for both an internet connection and a phone line, we will supply and install a duplex jack which would enable you to run two different lines.

For all your phone and data cabling needs for both domestic and commercial properties and any other electrical services you require, get in touch with us on 8583 2337. We are available 365 days a year to help you with all your cabling electrician needs. Electricians Sydney offers a free electrical safety check with any electrical service. Also don’t forget to ask about our special $50 online discount.