Power Outage: Your Checklist

power outageA power outage is a special kind of nightmare.¬†While you’re fumbling around in the dark, looking for candles or an emergency torch, you might wonder how it came to this. That you, one of the most prepared people in Sydney, still ended up without power. But having no power is almost always just a symptom of the problem. Repeats of a power outage are not only frustrating, they’re also dangerous. And, of course, they’re more than a little disruptive.

There’s a world of difference between a blackout and a power outage. Your preparation for both is similar, but a power outage is almost always a problem with home electricals, appliances, or wiring. Problems with your fuses, circuits or switchboard can be especially likely to lead to a total outage – and you’ll need an electrician to help sort these out.

So what’s to be done? Read on for some of our top tips for avoiding an outage, and the best practice for those unavoidable disasters.

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The Basics Of Dealing With A Power Outage

The basic principles of dealing with a power failure are the same as you’d expect for a blackout. It’s all about basic preparedness; being to some degree ready “just in case” of a catastrophic fault, so that you’re not flailing should it come to pass. This involves getting together some emergency supplies, and knowing where they are – preferably even in the dark.

Make sure you have a working torch. Nothing is worse than a dark night with no power, so keep a torch or flashlight handy in major living areas in the home. Anything from a little pen light to a camping torch will do the trick; as long as you know where it is.

As a power outage can strike at any time, it’s important to protect your digital devices. Backup your data regularly enough that even in the case of a surge or power failure you won’t have to scramble back six months to retrieve vital work. Keep everything stored in 3 places, at least. Otherwise, you risk losing it.

A great way of actually preventing power outages is monitoring your home electricity consumption. The majority of outages in a home are the result of an overdraw on the circuits, leading to the flipping of breakers, blown fuses or the safety switch in order to protect the home. Especially in an older home, being energy conscious is a great way to keep yourself free of outages.

Consider how many appliances are plugged in per room. If you’re draining a particular circuit in the home more than others, it might be more likely to fail. High draw appliances that often cause issues include anything from toasters and kettles to television sets. Don’t overload one room; where possible, try to spread out your power usage evenly through the home.

When Disaster Strikes

It’s important to keep a cool head during a power failure. It’s also time to call your local electrician on 02 8583 2337. Otherwise, there’s a few things you can do to stay comfortable, and keep your home from the worst of it.

If your power failure is ongoing, and can’t be resolved by flicking the circuit breaker, safety switch or replacing a fuse, then it’s probably a wiring problem and may take some time to be properly addressed. In this case, be sure to keep the fridge closed as much as possible. Opening it allows heat to escape, leading to food spoiling while the fridge has no power.

You can check with your utility provider if you’re not sure whose end the problem is on. This will ensure that you’re actually dealing with a home power failure, as opposed to a full blown blackout. If you’re not sure where the problem resides, and you can’t get in touch with your provider, call us, and we’ll look into it for you.

Perhaps the most important thing is to keep a cool head. Regardless of the root cause of the power failure, getting flustered can only make things more complicated. You’re far better off staying calm and going through your emergency plan, reaching for the torch, and dialing in help from the experts than you are freaking out or trying to repair a broken fuse yourself, for instance.

Think Long Term

If you’re experiencing regular outages, it’s time to upgrade your switchboard. Old fuse boxes are a real hazard and have been completely superseded by newer circuit breaker and switchboard models. Safety switches that we can install will keep your home safe in the instance of an outage, by switching off the power and allowing an easy return to normality, without messing around with fuses.

While it might not always seem like it’s time to upgrade, it’s the one surefire way to keep your home powered and comfortable into the future.

So don’t wait: call the experts on 02 8583 2337 for an inspection and upgrade today. We’ve got 30 years of experience servicing Sydney’s power, and all the tools and knowledge we need to keep your power flowing!

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