Dimmer Switches

switch electricianDimming the lights has long been a romantic staple – and why shouldn’t it be? Mood lighting, whether for a nice dinner or for a relaxing lie in is an important part of your lighting system. But it would be impossible to set up lights for every occasion individually; hence the dimmer switch.

Since it’s difficult to predict when you’re going to need lights of a specific kind, it’s always worth installing a dimmer switch. It gives you the power – set whatever mood you want with the turn of a knob. By twisting the knob in one direction or another, you ca increase or alternatively decrease the power supply to lights.

This causes the lights to dim or glow depending. The latest in dimmer switches even allow for multiple moods or effects – you can rest easy knowing that with the twist of a finger, you can set up any mood.

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Enhance Your Light           

Light makes the room. It also makes the mood – and there are lights that are appropriate for certain moods and not for others. A 1500 watt halogen bulb might be great for most general use, but isn’t going to cut it for a dinner party.

And while your study or reading room might benefit from being well-lit, in a bedroom less light, or warmer light, can be much more preferable for a relaxed, comfortable mood. But this might not be appropriate at all times – more light may be necessary in mornings, for instance, than at night time. With a dimmer switch, the power is, quite literally, in your hands!

Lighting can also influence mood. Warm lights and softer lights can boost a mood, while glowy halogen may seem a bit too much like a workplace! Notice how restaurants almost always use soft, yellow and red lighting? It’s quite deliberate. Not only does it set a relaxed atmosphere, but it can leave you looking your best! Why not try it at home? See how your dinner is swept up with some lower light.

There’s never a one-size-fits-all solution for lighting. This is the power of the dimmer; giving you endless possibilities to set and control moods with lighting. If you’re ready to set some serious moods, it’s time to get a dimmer switch.


Why Electricians Sydney

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How Dimmers Work

Technically known as a potentiometer, dimmers work by adjusting the electrical flow of a light or fan. This in turn affects the brightness of the light, moving the colouring through warm to cooler colours depending on the settings of the dimmer. Similarly, a dimmer can be utilised to control the speed of a fan – the more energy let through the dimmer, the higher the speed of the fan.

Dimmers have many complex parts. The most basic model is a simple moving contact arm connected to a resistor. As the knob is turned, the contact slides along the resistor from lower resistance to higher resistance. The further the knob is turned, the dimmer the lights.

More modern models are often much more complicated, and some even use microchip technology to provide a digital solution to your lighting needs. The most common new model “chops” electricity as it flows through the dimmer, so that the power fluctuates.

In short, power in Sydney runs at a frequency of 50 hertz. Every time there’s zero voltage running through the circuit – twice per cycle, or 100 times per second – the dimmer turns the light off. Depending on the setting, the dimmer then reactivates the light bulb when the voltage reaches a certain level again. All of this happens within such a small space of time as to be unnoticeable to the human eye. The light simply appears dimmer or brighter depending on the setting!

As you can see, dimmers are a fantastic piece of tech. Even the most basic models are complex, and require technical and professional knowledge to install safely. Don’t try and DIY a dimmer – get the team with over 30 years of experience servicing Sydney’s electrical needs. Call Electricians Sydney today and improve your lighting!


Get Your Dimmers Today

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